Midwifery at Womens Health Alliance

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Brier Creek
8851 Ellstree Lane
 Raleigh NC 27617
 Direct Line: 919-914-9000

Chapel Hill OB/GYN
120 Conner Drive, Suite 101
 Chapel Hill, NC 27514
 Direct Line: 919-942-8571

Durham Women’s Clinic
209 East Carver Street
 Durham, NC 27704
 Direct Line: 919-471-2273


Cheryl Carroll, CNM, PHPNP, MSN
Amy Ellis Dixon, CNM, MSN
Sue Holliday, CNM, MSN
Leigh Ann Joel, BSN, CNM
Mary Lowry, CNM, CLC, MSN
Cara Wolf, CNM, MSN

Pat Chappell, M.D.
Ankita Desai, M.D.
Frank Frenduto, M.D.
Barrett Gunter, M.D.
Joshua Hardison, M.D.
Ann Miller, M.D.
Nicolette Schreiber, M.D.

Dial 911 for ANY medical emergency